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7 Barriers of feedback

7 Barriers of feedback

Hello dear pals here you are Causes of poor feedback or Barriers of feedback, what is feedback of communication. Feedback is the process of receiver’s reaction to the sender. Feedback makes communication meaningful. It is very important in effective communication. Without feedback nobody can ensure effective communication. Sometimes feedback can be hindered by some factors which are as follows:

1. Dependent on formal media: Formal media/channel in more reliable than the informal channel. Sometimes formal channel may discourage the subordinates to give response on feedback of communication.

2. Strictness of rules: In some case strictness of organizational rules, regulation, policy and bindings may hinder the feedback of the employees.

3. Negative organizational climate: It internal and external organizational climate are unfavorable to free flow of information, thoughts or opinions, then the all communication process affected.

4. Inattention: If anybody is not able to concentrate on the subject matter, he/she will not able to sending feedback properly.

5. Employees disengaged: Low employee moral results in disengaged employees. When employees become disengaged form a company, they lose sight of their goals, are less likely to be invested in the company’s success and don’t put forth the effort to communicate ideas and feedback to their co-workers and managers.

6. Unclear goals and duties: Employees should have a proper understanding of what’s expected in the role they are fulfilling. Most jobs do this by providing employees with a job description and list of duties, but it’s also important to sit with employees and come up with measurable goals.

7. Lack of leadership: Employees look to their employers for direction. But when management lacks leadership abilities, it can inhibit the growth of a company. As a result, it has a negative impact on communication in the workplace. An employer who can’t lead hesitates when giving instructions to employees and is often unable to answer or seek the answers to employee’s questions.

7 Barriers of feedback

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