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What is feedback of communication?

What is feedback of communication?

Hello dear friends here you will get What is feedback of communication? meaning of feedback, definitions of feedback. The receiver’s response or reaction to the sender’s message is called feedback. Feedback ensures proper and mutual understanding between sender and receiver. Feedback provides primary information about the success of the communication process. In other words, feedback is the reaction to the sender message. When receiver answers or responses to the sender’s through a message or information is called feedback. Some definitions of feedback are as follows:

According to Pearson and Nelson, “Feedback is the receiver’s verbal and nonverbal response to the source’s message.”

According to Bovee and others, “Feedback is a response from the receiver that informs the sender how the message is being interpreted and how the communication is being received in general.”

According to Bartol and Martin, “Feedback is the receiver’s basic response to the interpreted message.”

According to S.P. Robbins, “Feedback determines whether or not understanding has been achieved.” The graphical presentation of feedback is as follows:
                                                 Figure: Feedback in communication process

So, feedback is the process of reaction or response of receiver to the sender with regard to the sender’s message.

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What is feedback of feedback?

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