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Qualities of effective communication

Qualities of effective communication

Hello dear friends here you will get Requirements, Factors, Qualities of effective communication. Effective communication involves the most accurate way of transmitting information properly from sender and receiver. The basic requirements of qualities of effective communication are as follows:

1. Open communication climate: open communication climate is very much essential for effective communication. There should be an open communication climate for exchanging views, that is employees should get opportunity to participate in the decision making process. If the communicator feel uneasy and fear to communicate with the receiver, he/she will not interest to communicate with the receiver.

2. Pre-thinking and planning: Before communicating with the receiver, a proper thinking and plan should be prepared. Unplanned communication cannot be effective. Relevant information should be collected from different sources and an appropriate plan should be developed.

3. Specific objectives: Qualities of effective communication Every work of human being should be specific objective oriented. Aimless work or communication cannot bear any fruitful result. The language or words of communication should reflect the intention of the communicator. So, the communicator should aware of the objective of communication clearly.

4. Timeliness: Proper time must be determined while communicating anything. It communication is not made in time, it will not be effective. That’s why time of communication should be considered.

5. Conciseness and completeness: A message should be as short as possible. Concise means saying to sender in a fewest possible words. It saves time and expanse for both sender and receiver. The subject matter of communication should be complete. It should not be partial or incomplete message. Incomplete message create confusion or misinterpret or irritate the readers or receivers.

6. Correctness and concreteness: The facts and information provided in the message should be accurate and correct languages. Any wrong information in the message may create confusions. Concrete means exactness, specific, definite or vivid father than vague or general. Qualities of effective communication  Business communication use words that form sharp and clear meanings in reader’s mind.

7. Feedback: Another important requirement of communication is the feedback. It is the reaction or response of the receiver to the sender. Feedback is essential to complete any communication process.

8. Making goodwill and image: Strong image of the organization helps to gain competitive advantage in the market. Communication helps to build up image of the organization through timely contact with the stakeholders, advertising.

9. Use of appropriate media: Communication is made through mediums. But all media are not equally effective. Suitable media should be selected to each time while sending any message.

10. Emphasizing of informal relationship: Effective communication plays a very vital role in improving the relationship between labour and management. Frequent transfer of information removes misunderstanding and creates a cordial atmosphere in the organization.  Qualities of effective communication.

11. Effective listening: Listening is one of the most important aspects of effective communication. Successful listening means not just understanding the words or the information being communicated, but also understanding the words or the information being communicated, but also understanding how the speaker feels about what they are communicating. To improve communication skills, we must learn to listen effectively.

12. Using audience centered approach: Using an audience centered means keeping your audience in mind at all times when communicating.

13. Interest of the receiver: Keeping the ‘You-view’ point in mind techniques should be applied to convince the receiver. That is interest of the receiver should be given priority.

14. Neat and clean: Communication must be neat and clean. It is not only necessary for the understanding for the understanding of message but also acts as an indicator of the goodwill of the firm. Qualities of effective communication.

15. Others: Persuasiveness, Mutual interest, Use of appropriate language, considering the receiver etc.

Qualities of effective communication

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