Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Functions, Importance of communication model

Functions, Importance of communication model

G. Miller has specified three fundamental function of communication or important of communication model. These functions or important are discussed below:

1. Educative matter: Communication model is related to teaching. Communication model teaches subordinate personnel in various matters. By this, subordinate workers acquire knowledge in many matters. It provides educative thing for managers too. So, it is seen that the educative function of communication is considered as an important function.

2. Research: Another function of communication model is to assist research based activity. Communication hints about the elements or variables which are necessary for conducting research activity.

3. Forecasting: Another function of communication model is to forecast about communicational situation. Communication model assumes or forecast about what type of communication will be effective for a particular situation.

4. Basic idea of human communication: Through the communication model we can get the basic idea about human communication process.

5. Minimizing barriers: An analysis of the communication model also helps to detect the barriers and accordingly initiatives can be taken to minimize the barriers.

6. Analysis of communication environment: The study of communication model also provides guidelines for analyzing the communication environment which is also essential to ensure effective communication.

Functions, Importance of communication model

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