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Meaning of communication process

Meaning of communication process

Hello dear friends here you will get Meaning of communication process, Process of communication, What is communication process?, Definition of communication process, The Communication Process.

Communication involves sharing or exchanging common information, news, ideas, thoughts, tec. between two or more persons. Communication process consists of a set of interrelated steps or parts (sender, message, encoding), channel, receiver, decoding and feedback which messages are transferred from sender to receiver. It is a description or explanation of the chain-of-events involved in communicating information from one party to another. Some important definitions of feedback are as follows:

According to Mr. Robert Kreitner, “Communication process is a chain made up of identifiable links. This chain includes sender, message, encoding, receiver, decoding and feedback.”

According to Barker, “Communication process is a system that involves an interrelated, interdependent group of elements working together as a whole to achieve a desired outcome or goal.”

According to S. K. Kapur, “Communication process is the method by which the sender transfers information and understanding to the receiver.”

According to C. B. Mamoria, “………. That communication process is made up of seven steps or parts:
(a) Communication source
(b) Encoding
(c) the message and the medium or channel
(d) Reception by the receiver
(e) decoding
(f) Action and
(g) Feedback.”

So, communication process is a series of interdependent, sequential and dynamic steps involving in transferring message, encoding, decoding and feedback between sender and receiver.

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Meaning of communication process

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