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14 importance of feedback

14 importance of feedback

Hello dear friends here you will get Necessity of feedback or importance of feedback or "No feedback no communication"- Explain and What is What is feedback of communication?

Communication plays a very crucial role in an organization. In fact, communication is the reason for human existence. Feedback provides primary information about the success of the communication process. It is the basis of proper understanding between sender and receiver. It is especially important in two way communication process. The necessities of feedback are given below:

1. Achievement of goal: Feedback helps to achieve goals of the communication. The main objective of feedback in communication process is to get necessary information from the receiver and hear the receiver’s reaction regarding the subject matter.

2. Basis of problem solving and decision making: Importance of Feedback act as a basis of problem solving and decision making of the organization. Here, communicator or sender can get different information from the receiver which act as evidence and may be needed in decision making.

3. Collection of information: Feedback is a good basis of collecting information for planning on what nest to be done especially statistical report.

4. Coordination of activates: The employees who engaged in various departments have to co-ordinate, contact and send back response as feedback with each other for performing their assign duties.

5. Effective communication: Feedback is a basis for measuring the effectiveness of communication. Whether receiver has shown positive or negative attitude with the sender fully depends on importance of feedback.

6. Practicing democratic approach: Feedback helps to subordinate to express their opinion independently. They can exchange their ideas and opinions freely with superiors. They can also share their creative ideas with superiors which ensure practicing democratic approach in the organization.

7. Better understanding: Feedback ensures better understanding between sender and receiver. When receiver response to the sender, sender can easily evaluate the attitudes of the receiver.

8. Improving labor-management relations: Improved labor-management relationship is essential to every organization. It is prerequisites for organizational success and productivity.

9. Completes the process of communication: Feedback completes the whole process of communication and makes it continuous and sustains communication process.

10. New idea generation: feedback is a main way for new idea generation. It helps to subordinate to express their new and creative opinion freely without any hesitation.

11. Field of expressing opinions: Employees need to be provided with a venue for expressing their needs, concerns and opinions. When an employee has an issue with an experience, they need the proper outlet to provide feedback to be accessible and easy to find.

12. Employees feel valuable and important: Employees who are given the opportunity to provide feedback feel valuable, important and understood. When employees feel like they have a voice, they won’t feel stifled or fearful of sharing their opinions. Employees at all levels will have the most effective solutions and ideas. They are the ones who listen to the customers and work daily in the operations of the business.

13. Healthy corporate culture: With a lack of feedback, the corporate culture can become unwelcoming and unmotivated. Every business has a particular culture which can be the result of the communication systems set in place. Importance of Feedback allows both customers and employees to voice their opinion, creating a healthy corporate environment which leads to greater productivity and motivations.

14. Ensure greater productivity: The more satisfied customers and the more motivated employees ensure more sales and create a favorable bottom line. Feedback will create greater productivity n the long run.

14 importance of feedback

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  2. This blog is really informative for everyone.I got information about the importance of feedback and the way of success of our goals and for better communication system.i came to learn that both the customers and the employees voice their opinion due to the importance of feedback.But from my view,feedback may not be totally honest because it can be filtered feedback and not completely honest.As with other appraisal processes,there are natural biases that can manifest through this process and affect the honesty of the reviewer.