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Steps of communication process

Steps of communication process

Hello dear friends here you will get Steps or stages of communication process, How would you justify the statement that the communication process is cyclical? The Communication Process.

Communication process is a set of interrelated steps or parts (sender, message, encoding), Channel, Receiver, decoding and feedback which messages are exchanged sender to receiver. The main stages of communication process are as follows:

1. Developing idea: The sender or communicator develops an idea which to be send. It is also known as planning stage of the communication process. After developing an idea, the communicator determines the objectives or subject matter of communication.

 2. Encoding: Encoding is the act of putting an idea or thought of the message into a code or into a symbolic form. A code is a systematic arrangement or comprehensive collection of symbols, letters or words that have arbitrary meanings and are used for communication. Encoding means converting or translating the idea into a perceivable form that can be communicated to others. It is also termed as mental wrapping of the communication.

The graphical presentation of communication process is as follows:

3. Selecting Media/Channel: Media or channel is the means or ways of transmitting the messages to the receiver. The media of oral communication are face to face conversation, telephone/mobile, conference, meetings etc. the media of written communication are newspaper, letter, report, memo, mail etc.

4. Transmitting message: After selecting media or channel the sender transmits the messages or information to the receiver.

5. Receiving message: IN this stage, the receiver receives the messages in the form of a hearing, seeing, feeling etc. the receiver may be an individual, or group or an organization. The receiver decides whether to decode the message or to make an effort to understand it.

6. Decoding: Decoding is the receiver’s interpretation of the sender’s message. Decoding is the process by which the receiver assigns meaning to the symbols encoded by the sender.

7. Response: After decoding the receiver accept or reject the message. It is the reaction of the receiver of the message knows as response. A message can create many kinds of responses into the receiver depending on the context and the nature of message. The response may be immediate, deferred, favorable or unfavorable. When the receiver accepts or response the message in a favorable way the processes of communication continue.

8. Feedback: The receiver’s response to the sender’s message in called feedback. Feedback ensures proper and mutual understanding between sender and receiver.

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Steps of communication process

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