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Scope of communication skills

Scope of communication skills

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Scope of communication skills is wider than any other act of human behavior. The entire life of human being involves communication. No one can spend even a moment without use of communication. From dawn to sleep time people spend their time in any form of communication. Any kind of activity whether it is personal, organizational, political, social, religious or cultural falls within the scope communication. Scope of communication is shown in the following figure:
1. Communication in personal life: The entire life form birth to death of any person involves communication. No one can spend any moment without communication. A man interacts with his family members, fellow friends or colleagues involve communication. Even when he enjoys a T.V. program or reads newspaper, he is engaged in communication. Scope of communication skills.

2. Communication in social life: Man is a social being. So, people live in a group in the society. To live in a society a man is to take part in the social functions and to maintain relations with the other members of the society. He is to play different roles in the society activities.

3. Communication in organizational life: Communication is most important in business organization. No organization exists without communication. Communication is used in the following organization activities.

(A) Planning and decision making: Managers are to take decisions and make plans for the business. For these purposes they are to collect information and consult with others, which involve communication. Scope of communication skills.

(B) Selection and training: For selecting employees for the organization is needed advertisement, and take interview. Which involves with communication? Giving training to the employees also involves communication.

(C) Directing: To implement a plan managers are to give orders and to issue instructions to the subordinates-which requires effective communication.

(D) Coordination: Managers are to use communication to coordinate the activities of various work groups or departments.

(E) Distribution and Marketing: In marketing activities communication plays a very vital role. Without use of communication, no organization can promote its products in the market. Scope of communication skills.

(F) Establishing relations: Communication helps in establishing harmonious relationship between labor and management.

(G) Controlling: All controlling functions involve communication. Managers can effectively control the activities of the subordinates by using downward and upward communication.

4. Communication in political life: Political parties give special emphasis on communication. Success of any political party depends on mass communication system.

5. Communication in state affairs: Various Government department used communication to run the administration and to inform people about development programs and other issues.

6. Communication in religious life: For the spread of religion communication is used. Religious leaders inform different aspects of religion to the people. So, in the religious life communication is used comprehensively.

7. Communication in foreign trade and international affairs: Today every country of the world is dependent on other countries in different affairs. That’s why every country is to establish and maintain international relations. Improved communication system helps to establish good relations with other countries. Scope of communication skills.

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Scope of communication skills

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