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Characteristics of communication or features of communication

Characteristics of communication or features of communication

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Important characteristics of communication are as follows:
1. Specific objectives: Every work of human being should be specific objective oriented. Aimless work or communication cannot bear any fruitful result. So, the communicator should aware of the objective of communication clearly.

2. Message or information: Message is the set of symbols that the sender transmits to the receiver through the media. It is content of the interaction between sender and receiver. Characteristics of communication.

3. Exchange of information: Communication helps to exchange information or ideas between sender and receiver. For the achievement of any objective, exchange of information or idea is very important. features of communication.

4. Two or more person/parties: Generally, communication is the two-way process. It happens between or among two or more parties (sender and receiver). Employees need the opportunity to share their feedback, opinions and thoughts with managers and employers. Characteristics of communication.

5. Formality: Most of the cases communication maintains formal rules and procedure between or among the sender and receiver. features of communication.
6. Use of media/channel: Without media or channel message of communication are not possible to send to the receiver. But all media are not equally effective. Suitable media should be selected each time while sending any message. Characteristics of communication.

7. Mutual of understanding: Communication involves mutuality of understanding between sender and receiver. They should understand the subject matter of the communication. features of communication.

 8. Dynamic process: Communication is a dynamic process between or among the sender and receiver. One party send message and another provide feedback until the objectives of the communication achieved.

9. Noise/Barriers: Noise is an interruption or disturbance to the message sent in the communication processes that distort the meaning of the message. Characteristics of communication.

10. Feedback: Feedback is the reaction or response of the receiver to the sender. Feedback is essential to complete any communication process.

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Characteristics of communication or features of communication

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