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What is two-way communication definition

What is two-way communication definition

Meaning of two-way communication. The two-way communication is the method by which a sender reaches a receiver with a message. When a communication flows into two opposite directions it is called two-way communication. When emphasis is given to both downward and upward communication, two-way communication occurs. In two-way communication, the sender transmits a message to the receiver and in return, the receiver sends back his answer to the sender.

Keith Davis quoted, “In two way communication, the speaker sends a message and the receiver’s responses come back to the speaker.”

The result is a developing play-by-play situation is which the speaker can adjust the nest message to fit the previous response of the receiver. Two-way communication is made possible by feedback, because feedback assists to sending receiver’s responses to the sender. Two-way communication may be both vertical and horizontal. When superiors send messages to the subordinates and in turn, the subordinates give responses to the superiors, it creates vertical two-way communication. In other way when the colleagues of other departments communicate reciprocally to each other, it creates horizontal two-way communication.

Two-way communication uses communication to negotiate with the public, resolve conflict and promote mutual understanding and respect between the organization and its public's. It is also called “Scientific persuasion. “ Two-way communication processes are shown in the following figure:

So, when information/messages exchange between two parties or two directions (Sender and receiver) is called two-way communication.

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What is two-way communication definition

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