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Importance of two-way communication

Importance of two-way communication

Hello dear pals here you will get Importance of two-way communication. Two-way communication creates a healthy atmosphere in the organization. It helps free movement of information’s in the organization. When two-way communication prevails in the organization, a cordial and good relation is developed. That is why emphasis is given on two-way communication. The importance of two-way communication is discussed below:

1. Decision making: When two-way communication exists in the organization, employee suggestions are encouraged which helps in decision making. It provides employee participation in the decision making.

2. Job satisfaction: Two-way communication helps in developing job satisfaction among the employees. Employees feel better when they get opportunities to participate n decision making. It increases job satisfaction of the employees.

3. Problem solving: It helps in solving human problems of the organization. When a problem arises open discussion and exchange of opinions are necessary to solve the problem. Two-way communication helps in exchanging views between the contrasting parties which helps in solving the problem.

4. Establishment of relations: Two-way communication helps in establishing and maintaining good relations in the organizations. When two-way communication exists free movement of information’s are encouraged which improves better relationship among the employees.

5. Democratic environment: Two-way communication helps to create democratic atmosphere in the organization. It encourages employee participation in decision making. Employees can express their opinions in the organization which facilitates in developing democratic atmosphere in the organization.

6. Employee morale increases: Two-way communication helps to increase the morale of the employees of an organization. When employees get the opportunity to express their opinions to their bosses, they feel important for the organization which helps to increase the morale of the employees.

7. Feedback: Feedback is provided by two-way communication which completes the communication process. It helps communication system effective.

8. Free flow of information: Two-way communication helps free flow of information within the organization. It encourages more information’s form the lower level of the organization to the upper level.

9. Conflict resolution: Two-way communication creates a democratic environment in the organization. Under this circumstance, different parties come forward to do discuss issues and resolve conflicts.

10. Employee suggestions: It provides employee suggestions to solve managerial problems. Two-way communication encourages the employees to express their opinions and suggestions for different organizational affairs.

Importance of two-way communication

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