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Importance of communication in business

Importance of communication in business

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Modern civilization completely depends on improved communication. Communication is important in personal, organizational, state, social even in religious life. But it is especially important in the field of business, trade and industry. In this context famous writer Keith Davis says, “Organizations cannot exist without communication.” Importance of communication/business communication is discussed below:

1. Exchange of information: Communication helps in exchanging information or ideas. For the achievement of any objective exchange of information of idea is important.

2. Formulation and execution of plans: Communication supplies information to the managers who prepares effective plans. Manager’s collects information from different sources and prepare and execute organizational plans thorough help of communication.

3. Effective direction: The entire work of direction is involved with communication. Without using communication devices superiors cannot issue orders or instructions to their subordinates.

4. Coordination and cooperation: Communication helps in coordinating the activates of various work groups or departments. Cooperation also becomes impossible, because people cannot communicate their needs and feelings to others.

5. Better performance and job satisfaction: When communication is effective it tends to encourage better performance and job satisfaction. People understand their jobs better and feel more involved in them.

6. Minimizing cost and time: Communication helps in minimizing cost and time through easily and quickly exchange of information. If any message is required to be communicated to thousands of people then we can use newspaper, internet, TV or radio.

7. Development of managerial efficiency: Communication helps to increase the efficiency of the business organization. When communication is effective, employees get all information and can perform well. It increases their sense of responsibility.

8. Development of relations: Effective communication plays a very vital role in improving the relationship between laborer and management. Frequent transfer of information removes misunderstanding and creates a cordial atmosphere in the organization.
9. Publicity of goods: Large companies give special emphasis on advertisement and publicity of goods for the purpose of creating and maintaining markets.

10. Making decision and solving problem: Communication helps in solving organizational problems. It tends to increase better understanding among the employees, which reduces grievances and removes misunderstanding and conflict.

11. International relation: No country in the present word is self-sufficient. Every country is dependent on others for many reasons. Here, communication plays a very vital role. It plays important role in developing international relations.

12. Education and training or employees: Communication helps to provide education and training of employees of the organization.

13. Linking between central and branch offices: Large organizations have many branches. The ranch office must be link with the center office of the organization for sharing different official issues and instructions.

14. Raising employee morale: Low morale makes the employees idle and frustrated which lead to lower performance of the employees. Communication helps to raise employee morale through training and development activities.

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Importance of communication in business

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