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Functions of communication, activities of communication

Functions of communication, activities of communication

Hello dear friends here you will get Functions of communication or activities of communication, Function of business communication, Importance of business communication, Advantages of business communication.  

Communication performs variety of functions within a group or organization. It helps in transmitting information and exchanging opinions and ideas among the employees of an organization. Basic communication functions are discussed in the following manner: Functions of communication.

1. Informing messages: An important function of communication is to inform any subject matter to others. Communicator informs any subject matter, information or data to the receiver through communication. If the receiver understands the real meaning of the message, communication becomes complete.

2. Persuasion: Another important function of communication is to persuade employees so that they can perform duties and responsibilities according to the desire of the management. Communication helps employees to know the techniques of performing their jobs well.

3. Directing: Communication helps in giving direction to the employees to accomplish their assigned duties and responsibilities. It transfers orders and instructions from the superiors to the subordinates. It helps in explaining the ways how jobs are to be done. Functions of communication.

4. Solving problems: An important function of communication is to help in organizational problems. It helps to find out the problem and creating an atmosphere to discuss the problem and solve them. It helps in exchanging opinions between the contrasting parties and to arrive at a solution.

5. Helping planning and decision making: Another function of communication is to facilitate in decision making. Communication helps in decision making by supplying relevant information. Moreover it supplies information for the purpose of making plans.

6. Forming opinions: An important function of communication is to help in forming opinion. It assists in exchanging ideas, thoughts, beliefs and information among human beings and helps in forming favorable opinions.

7. Coordination and cooperation: Communication performs another important function in coordinating the activities of various work groups and departments within the organization. It helps in removing the inconsistencies and brings harmony in the work field.

8. Maintaining relations: Communication helps in developing and maintaining good relations between different parties. It helps in minimizing misunderstanding and difference of opinion and creates a healthy atmosphere in the organization which facilitates in developing human relations.

9. Publicity of products: Modern age is the age of publicity. It is very difficult to attract customers and create market without proper publicity in modern age. Communication plays a very vital role in this connection. Functions of communication.

10. Exchange of information: The main function of communication is the exchange of facts and information between human beings. It transfers massages form the sender to the receiver.

11. Controlling: It helps in controlling the activities of the subordinates by providing communicational measures at different levels of the organization. It helps in monitoring and evaluating the performance of the subordinates and taking corrective measures.

12. International relation: Another function of communication is to build up international relations. No country of the world is self-sufficient at present. Every country is to take other country’s support and help for its own interest. So there is a necessity to develop good relations. Improved communication helps in developing such relations. Functions of communication.

13. Building image: Strong image of the organization helps to gain competitive advantage in the market. Communication helps to build up image of the organization through timely contact with the stakeholders, advertising etc.

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Functions of communication, activities of communication

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