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What is appointment letter?

What is appointment letter?

Hello dear friends here you will get What is appointment letter?, Definition of appointment letter, Define appointment letter, What factors should be considered for drafting an appointment letter?

After evaluating through different types of tests candidates are finally selected for appointment. The information of the selection of a particular candidate needs to be transmitted to him/her. The written message bearing the information of selection of an applicant is known as appointment letter. In other words, appointment letter is the letters which convey the information of appointment.

Features of appointment letter:
i. Written by the employer
ii. Positive tone
iii. Formal
iv. Documentary evidence.

Considerable factors for drafting appointment letter:
1. Expressing goodwill or congratulation to the candidate
2. State the positive message
3. Mentioned the joining date, place and time
4. Terms and conditions of the job
5. Amount of salary and other benefits should be mentioned
6. Responsibilities expected from the prospective employee also should be mentioned in an appointment letter
7. Nature of the appointment must be noted.

Above factors need to be considered for drafting an appointment letter because it acts as a documentary evidence.

What is appointment letter?

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