Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Different types of motion

Different types of motion

Hello dear friends here you will get Different types of motion. On the basis of the importance and objective motions can be of different types: What is a motion? The requisites of a valid motion.
1. Primary motion: A motion raised regarding any important or fundamental aspects of the organization is known as ‘primary motion’. For example a motion on the election of a director or removal of a director can be termed as primary motion.

2. Secondary motion: Infect it is an ‘amendment’ to a motion that already rose in the meeting. This type amendment without changing the original tone of motion is known as secondary motion.

3. Substantive motion: A primary motion when actually amended by a secondary motion then it is known as substantive motion. In short a corrected or amended motion can be termed as substantive motion.

4. Formal motion: The motions those are raised to interrupt the discussion or to delay the decision is known as formal motions. ‘Point of order’ ‘closures’ are different types of formal motions.

Different types of motion

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