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What is a resignation letter?

What is a resignation letter?

Hello dear friends here you will get What is a resignation letter? What is the general format of a resignation letter?, Format of a resignation letter.

When an executive or an employee like to move from one firm to another firm then he/she need to inform it do the present employer in written form. Such written message bearing the information of resigning from the firm is known as the ‘resignation letter’. An employee can leave the firm for different types of reasons but in a resignation letter he/she should use such a tone which will help to maintain good relation with the present employer.

Format of a resignation letter: There is no specific rule or format for drafting a letter of resignation. But the common trend in the corporate sector is a letter of resignation should be written by following the ‘bad-news plan’.

According to Thill and Bovee letter of resignation should follow the following three steps:

1. Begin with an appreciative buffer
2. Fill out the middle section with your reasons for looking for another job and the actual statement that you are leaving.
3. Close cordially

1. Begin with buffer: A resignation letter should start with a positive tone irrespective of the actual feeling of the employee. This positive or tactful opening will act as a buffer to maintain a sound relationship between the present employer and leaving employee.

2. Explanation of causes: In the middle part of the resignation letter a clear and complete explanation should be provided stating the reasons of leaving the firm.

3. Close cordially: A resignation letter should be closed by expressing good wish. At least two weeks’ notice should be given to the present employer to find a replacement.

What is a resignation letter?

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