Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What is a quorum for a meeting?

What is a quorum for a meeting?

Hello dear friends here you will get Quorum Definition, What is a quorum for a meeting?, What do you mean by quorum of a meeting? Features of quorum. 
Quorum is the ‘minimum number’ of members must be present to make a meeting valid. Thus without quorum the validity of a meeting cannot be claimed.

In other words, quorum means the minimum number of persons who being entitled to attend a meeting must be present at the meeting so that the business of the meeting can be transacted validity.

Features of quorum:
1. Without quorum a meeting will not be valid
2. Quorum for different types of meeting is mentioned in articles of association of the company.
3. Without a quorum a meeting should not start its operation
4. If such provision mentioned in the articles of association then quorum must be continuously present during the meeting
5. For counting quorum a proxy will not be included
6. In case of fraction, the next round number will be considered as quorum.

What is a quorum for a meeting?

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