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Different types of company meeting

Different types of company meeting

Hello dear friends here you will get Different types of company meeting. In a joint stock company meetings can be of two types: Business communication degree solutions

A. Shareholders’ meeting 
B. Directors’ meeting 
A. Shareholders' Meeting: Shareholders’ meeting again can be of three types: Business communication degree solutions
1. Statutory meeting
2. Annual general meeting
3. Extra-ordinary meeting

1. Statutory meeting: Statutory meeting is actually the first meeting of the shareholders of the company. This is a special kind of meeting held once in the life of the company. According to the company’s act 1994 statutory meeting must be held within six months from the date of commencement of the business. Business communication degree solutions

Notice: 21 days notice is required for statutory meeting.
Convened by: This type of meeting convened by the board of directors.
Matter discussed: The mandatory matter that must be discussed is consideration of the statutory report.

2. Annual general meeting (AGM): This is a compulsory meeting of the shareholders which required to be held according to the company’s act 1994. This meeting must be held in every calendar year. Maximum gap between two annual general meetings should not exceed 15 months.

Notice: A notice of 21 clear days has to be given the shareholders for holding annual general meeting.

Matter discussed/Business transacted:
i. Consideration of the annual report
ii. Declaration of dividends
iii. Appointment of directors in place of retiring directors
iv. Appointment of auditors
v. Fixing the remuneration of auditors
vi. Any others special business can be transacted

3. Extra-ordinary general meeting (EGM): For special and urgent matters when waiting for the next general meeting is not possible then extra-ordinary general meeting takes place.

Business transacted: Business communication degree solutions
i. Approval of the borrowing beyond the paid up capital
ii. Making further issue of share capital

B. Directors Meeting: It is the most frequently held meetings in the company. As the board of directors is in the charge of the management of the company, all decisions regarding to the routine affairs are taken at board meetings.

Time gap: At least once in every three months or four such meetings must be held in a calendar year. Quorum: One-third of the total member of the board must be present to form the quorum of the board meeting.

Different types of company meeting

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