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What is computer network?, Types of computer networks

What is computer network?, Types of computer networks

Hello dear friends here you will get What is computer network?, Types of computer networks,define computer network or Different types of computer network.

Computer network is an integrated system which establishes inter connection among different computer terminals.

In other words, communication system between two or more computers can be labeled as computer network. When two or more computer are linked through telecommunication processor and controlling software in such a way that data can be exchanged between receivers and senders. Then it is known as computer communication network.

Elements of computer network:
i. Terminals
ii. Telecommunication processors
iii. Telecommunication channels
iv. Computers
v. Controlling software.

Advantages of computer network:
1. Electronic data processing
2. E-mail
3. Office automation
4. Sharing information/ Exchange of information
5. Teleconferencing
6. Security of data
7. Multiuse’s of data.

Types of computer network:
There are different types of computer network which are as follows:
1. LAN (Local Area Network): In this system computers are inter connected within a limited geographical area. Usually LANs work within 10 miles radius. It is basically used within a large office or manufacturing plant.\

2. WAN (Wide Area Network): The networks converging a larger geographical area are known as wide area networks. Usually it is used among different branch offices of an organization situated in a big city. It can operates within more than 100 miles radius.

3. Intranets: Intranets are network system operated within a department or division of a company.

4. Extra-nets: It enables to establish communication network with the outsiders of the company.

What is computer network?, Types of computer networks

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