Monday, January 30, 2012

What is Business Report?

What is Business Report?

Hello dear friends i have posted yesterday Difference between letter and memo its so has so good information in this article and you will get What is Business Report?, What is Report?, Define Report, the structure of a Business Report. Business Communication.

Another form of written communication is report. Generally reports are analytical in nature. It is longer than letters and memos and contains detailed discussion. Reports are one kind of managerial instruments which used to evaluate a situation.

What is Business Report? According to Ricks and Gow, “A report is a written message presenting information that will help a decision maker to solve business problems”.

The basic purposes of a report are as follows:
1. Monitor and control operation
2. Implement policies
3. Obtained new business
4. Comply with requirements
5. Guide decisions
6. Problem solving

Structure of a Report:
Reports may short or long, formal or informal. Short reports may be prepared in the following formats:
i. Preprinted form
ii. Letter form
iii. Memo form

But a formal and long report has different structure. A formal report basically has three parts:
1. Prefatory parts
2. Text of the report
3. Supplementary parts

1. Prefatory parts:
This is the first part of the report but written after the text has been completed. It includes--------
2. Test of the Report:
This is the main part of the report which explains the subject matter in detail. It includes-----
3. Supplementary Parts:
The materials related to the report are presented in this section. It includes-----------
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